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This is my second blog and this is all cute animals and couples. I am17, Diamond and Lana lover, :) http://lovedujus-a-lil2much.tumblr.com/


"hey aren’t you too old for Poké…”


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A southern right whale hovers inches over the sandy sea floor by Brian J Skerry


I do believe I need these……

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Cats are expert sleepers. They certainly take a lot of time to practice. The average domestic cat spends around 16 hours each day sleeping. Wild cats sleep even more, between 16 to 20 hours a day. BuzzFeed assembled an awesome collection of photos of cats sleeping in an impressive array of awkward positions. These are our favourites.

Head over to BuzzFeed for individual photo source credits and to see the rest of the collection of snoozing kitties.

It’s Sleep Sound Day on Geyser of Awesome!

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Agami heron (Agamia agami)

The agami heron is a medium-sized heron. It is a resident breeding bird from Central America south to Peru and Brazil. The agami heron’s habitat is forest swamps and similar wooded wetlands. They nest in colonies on platforms of sticks in trees over water, which may gather more than 100 nests. It is short-legged for a heron, but has a very long thin bill. Agami herons stalk their fish prey in shaded shallow water, often standing still or moving very slowly. They rarely wade in open water. They also take frogs, small reptiles, and snails.

photo credits: Leonardo C. Fleck, agamiheron, Leif G

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